• I teach computing for the terrified.
      • PC awareness
      • Internet and eMail
    • I provide quality training for a wide range of applications:
      • Microsoft Office 2007/10; Outlook, Word, Excel & PowerPoint
      • Mozilla Thunderbird
      • LibreOffice; Writer, Calc & Impress
    • Courses for individuals or for small groups of up to 3 participants
    • PCs available in my classroom.
    • Individual tuition on your own PC or Laptop in your own home.
    • Courses are tailored to the individual’s requirements.
    • I cater for beginners, refreshers and advanced level of PC-knowledge.
    • If you would like to know more about what PC-How2 can do for you, your relatives, friends or acquaintances or would like book a “taster” session please contact me: info@pc-how2.co.uk


beast My aim is to provide you with some computer awareness!
I will teach you how to use a PC and how to “tame the beast”, so you need not be afraid of using a PC and you will become excited by its potential. I can come to you and teach you on your own PC or you can come to me and use one of mine.
I teach individuals or small groups of maximum 3 persons.