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  • The new Vodafone Broadband Contents Control
    I was, sooooo, getting fed-up with the restrictions imposed on me by my new Broadband Service Provider (Vodafone), I couldn’t even check out the “Nord VPN” site, nor follow many links from PC-information sites that I need to follow for information purposes to pass on to the U3A computer group MK. Vodafone has finally made […]
  • Uninstalling Antivirus and Malware Program’s
    A member of the U3A group had asked me to come and fix her Windows-7 PC. It was slow and sometimes it seemed to hang, plus sometimes she couldn’t get to her web-mail. So, I went, and saw that she Avast antivirus and malware program fighting with MSE for supremacy. Out came my memory stick […]
  • Microsoft Office Word 2016 – Custom Dictionaries
    I don’t know about you but I regularly add word to my “spelling checker” mainly to get rid of the red-wave-underlining that clutters the main mistakes. So, I add names of people and other words, but sometimes I add a wrong word and now need to remove it from the dictionary. This is how to […]
  • One favourite OAP scam
    This is the scenario: You get a phone call late morning or early afternoon – that pretends to be from BT, SKY, or somewhere popular yearly subscription service; informing you that your contract or insurance is close to expire. They friendly ask if you would like to continue the contract and then offer you to […]
  • Create an instant shutdown and/or restart icon on your desktop.
    You will need to use the windows program shutdown.exe (which is normally located in C:\Windows\System32\) and its parameters. The table below is a shortened list of the parameters needed for instant shutdown and/or restart plus the help parameter to display all the parameters defined within your windows system. Parameter Description /s Shuts down the computer. […]
  • How to delete an EML extension file.
    I came across a strange happening last week. I have started using Thunderbird instead of Microsoft office outlook and I am really getting to grips with it. I have had some minor problems with my settings but that was to be expected as I have over the years build myself a rather complicated email empire. […]
  • System Restore Error Code 0x81000203
    I was having problems creating “Restore Points” in windows 7. When I opened “System Protection” everything was greyed out; and all I got was an: “System Restore Error Code 0x81000203”. Hunting high and low I finally came across this good advice from the following website: Both “Volume Shadow Copy” and “Microsoft Software Shadow Copy […]
  • My Chromecast Saga
    For once the “Getting started” documentation was clear and correct. I plugged the Chromecast #1 (upstairs) into my TV via HDMI; then I had to go online on my smartphone to do the “Setup”, this involved downloading and installing “Google Home” this was so beautifully easy. Before the Chromecast could be used it needed to […]
  • Christmas Greetings 2016
    I wish all my friends and followersa Merry Christmasand a prosperous New Year.
  • Google is following Microsoft’s example
    I feel like swearing!!! Google has changed its programs/apps so that they now only work to their full extent when used through Google Chrome. To use voice commands (providing you have a microphone attached to your PC) in searches; click on the microphone icon and the speak something like: “how to use Google chrome” In […]
  • My pc-muse never arrived
    My pc-muse never visited me for the first U3A meeting after the summer break; but I managed to talk about emails and virus “pass-on” when replying, thanks to one member sending in a question about it. This led to talking about Office Outlook 2010 and Microsoft forcing users to change to MS-Exchange Server. By telling […]
  • Summer is over
    Back to reality. Get into work mode! Start thinking of what to present to the U3A computer group that meets the second and fourth Thursday of the month. The first meeting after the summer break is tomorrow, and I don’t yet know what to talk about. Hopefully my pc-muse will come visiting before tomorrow.
  • Backup your system to your desktop, is not a good idea
    I have just spent 2½ hours cleaning a Win7 system that had run out of space. My first thought was to back-up all the photos from the pc onto DVDs – yes I did need 2 DVDs there were 8.3 GB of photos; and once finished I found a handful of more photos but I […]
  • Microsoft Exchange Server in Outlook 2010
    I noticed that I was receiving email on my mobile that I wasn’t receiving on my desktop through Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Pro. The last mail I had received was on the 9th of July. I searched high and low (for 2-3 days) and couldn’t find the reason why. There just wasn’t any useful explanation […]
  • Scan (using Canon EX) and create a JPG file
    Today a friend of mine wanted to scan in a picture to publish it onto Facebook. The all-in-one scanner-printer used was a Canon MG2100. As each of the “Canon Solution Menu EX” works slightly different so I had to listen to what they were doing at the other end of the phone and hope that […]