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  • I am a mobile teaching unit.
  • I provide quality training for a wide range of applications.
  • I teach computing for the terrified.
    • PC awareness
    • Internet and e-mail
    • Microsoft applications
  • Courses for individuals or for small groups of up to 6 participants
  • Individual tuition on your own PC in your own home.
  • PCs provided for group tuition.
  • Courses are tailored to the individual’s requirements.
  • I cater for beginners, refreshers and advanced level of PC-knowledge.If you would like to know more about what PC-How2 can do for you, your relatives, friends or acquaintances or would like book a “taster” session
    please contact me:

    My aim is to provide you with some computer awareness!I will teach you how to use a PC and how to “tame the beast”,so you need not be afraid of using one.I will come to you and teach you on your own PC or on our PCs how to use a PC and become excited by its potential, as an individual or in a group of maximum 3 persons.